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Doniphan County emergency personnel stage mock D.U.I. for students

Emergency crews from across Doniphan County staged a fatal mock D.U.I. for students on the dangers of driving under the influence.

Posted: Mar 2, 2020 5:19 PM
Updated: Mar 3, 2020 8:26 AM

(HIGHLAND, Kan.) On Monday morning, students from Doniphan West High School learned first-hand how devastating drunk driving can be. 
Emergency crews from across Doniphan County staged a fatal mock D.U.I. for students on the dangers of driving under the influence. 

The scene was highly realistic as local law enforcement agencies were arriving on scene as they would in real-time. 
Student actors playing the role of students who were involved in a head-on collision caused by drunk driving. The students left the accident in stretchers and body bags.  

Fellow Doniphan West High School classmates watched the emergency crews work together to try and save their peers.

And although the accident was fake, the intense simulation brought to life real emotions. 

“The fatality that was actually ejected through the front was hard to see her just cause she is like one of my closest friends like that. And also, she was very scared in that situation herself because of all the noise and the realisticness of it all. She actually started crying over there and so they had to wait a minute and calm her down,”said Kaitlyne Chadd, the senior who put together the mock D.U.I. for her senior class project.

While the fatal crash is merely a demonstration, emergency responders say traumatic D.U.I. accidents like this happen everyday. 

“Unfortunately, this does happen, but it’s all preventable. Drinking and driving is a choice that people make,”said Deputy Jared Ratzlaff of the Doniphan County Sheriff's Department. 

The irresponsible choice to drink and drive is one that officers say leave parents without children and officers without peace of mind. 

“The phone call that we have to make to your mom because you were in a wreck like this, is a lot worse than the phone you need to make to your mom to get a ride home. So, don’t make us make those phone calls to the parents, it’s probably the worst part of our job,”said Deputy Ratzlaff. 

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