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Maryville TNR rescues feral felines

Maryville TNR is looking for help maintaining the feral cat population.

Posted: Jan 11, 2019 6:46 PM

(Maryville,MO) A local animal rescue is looking for help maintaining the feral cat population.In December Jami Hull founded Maryville TNR, a non-profit that focuses on rehabilitating feral cats and controlling their population in Maryville,Missouri.

"People don't realize how quickly they breed. Cats can start breeding at four months old and they are just kittens, so you have kittens having kittens," Hull said.

Hull said the rescue uses humane traps to capture the animals, before transporting them to the Nodaway Veterinary Clinic to be spayed or neutered.

"We set traps and haul them to the vet to get neutered, spayed, vaccinated and then we release them into the care of the caretaker or we relocate them to a farm home where they can be happier, but still taken care of,"Hull said.

In less than a month, Hull has helped capture and rehabilitate over 45 cats through the trapping system.

Skye Pournazari volunteers with TNR and said the rescue’s goal is to help maintain the feral cat population by preventing homeless cats from having additional litters.

"These cats won't procreate again after this. The community will stabilize is the hope, the goal," Pournazari said.

The rescue pays approximately $45 to spay or neuter a cat, in addition to the vaccines and medications the feline might need. TNR has helped several cats find forever homes, but has also racked up a $1,300 vet bill, and Hull said until that debt can be paid, the program will be put on hold.

"It's a difficult situation, but these cats really need help,” Pournazari said."It's just a really large bill and she can't really move forward with the project until it gets paid down."

Hull said trapping will be put on hold until the vet bill can be paid off, but she is hoping the community will help support her goal of giving every cat a forever home.

“We really need help with donations; blankets, time, traps, towels, kitten food, even people to come over and spend time with them, the more socialization the better,”Hull said."These cats deserve care and attention, medical attention especially. It betters their lives and it betters the people around us' lives."

Maryville TNR will host a Crunch for a Cause fundraiser at the Maryville Taco Johns on March 21. When customers mention Maryville TNR with their order and 50 percent of their bill will be donated to help pay down the rescue’s vet bill. Donations can be made on behalf of Maryville TNR at the Nodaway Veterinary Clinic, or on the rescue’s Facebook page.

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