Miracle to be Alive: North Andrew senior looks back at childhood accident

North Andrew senior Logan Hughes has been a part of a 8-man state championship team during his high school career, but he almost never made it to high school.

Posted: Oct 7, 2018 10:16 PM
Updated: Oct 7, 2018 10:19 PM

(ROSENDALE, Mo.)— North Andrew senior Logan Hughes has been a part of a 8-man state championship team during his high school career, but he almost never made it to high school.

"I've been spared from remembering a lot of the pain and stuff that was in it," Hughes said. 

Logan and his sister, Shayne, were in a four-wheeler accident when Logan was just four-years-old. 

"My nephew called me and said there was a bad accident and I didn't even take time to even say where was," Logan's mother Lisa Hughes said. "I just took off in my car and my sister was already down there and Shayne had run up to the house and she was pretty cut up. It actually close lined both of the kids."

The family quickly rushed to Logan's aid, as he was trapped between a barb-wire fence and the four-wheeler. 

"By the time I got down, he was already in the ambulance and I stepped up in that ambulance, because he wanted to see me," Logan's father Gary Hughes said. "He was four years old and he wanted his dad. I stepped up and he reached out, he grabbed my hand and I held his hand. He was kind of crying. The paramedic had his leg covered and had his hand over his (Logan) leg, with the gauze on. He (paramedic) gave me a look and he pulled the gauze off."

Logan's leg had barb wire wrapped around his leg—cutting his leg to the bone. 

"I didn't understand how he was live," Gary Hughes said.

"The doctor said I was one skin cell, one membrane away from cutting the main artery in my leg and I would have bled out almost instantly if that would have happened," Logan said. 

The next concern for the Hughes family was whether or not Logan would ever walk again. 

"The nerve in his leg should have been ripped out of there," Gary Hughes said. 

Doctors said the nerve was crushed, but still intact. 

Logan had three different surgeries over the course of three days. He spent 10 days in Children's Mercy Hospital. 

"He didn't have any feeling in his leg for a long time—couldn't control anything from his ankle down and had to wear a brace," Gary Hughes said. 

Hughes went through several treatments of physical therapy and over time, he gradually gained control of his leg again. 

"They said there was a pretty good chance that he would lose it," Gary said. 

"I didn't think he would walk again," Lisa said. 

Logan was able to walk again, without even the slighest sign of a limp. He even started playing sports in First grade. 

"So grateful, I don't care how he did, he's out there," Gary said. 

Logan has enjoyed his success in sports, but it's been more than that for the Hughes family. 

It's a miracle," Gary said. "I'm going to give credit where it's due. God saved his life. He didn't save him just for football. I want him to play hard and he does. I want him to run hard and he does, but those are just life lessons that he is learning because there's something bigger."

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