Police, drivers share concerns over highway hazard

Drivers say people are throwing rocks and/or bricks at cars along U.S. Hwy 36, damaging them and putting lives at risk.

Posted: Jul 6, 2020 6:32 AM
Updated: Jul 6, 2020 10:13 AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Drivers on one of our area highways are voicing concerns about a dangerous practice.

They said people are throwing objects like rocks or bricks at passing cars along a certain stretch of U.S. 36 Hwy., damaging vehicles and putting their lives at risk.

Chris Corkins is one of those drivers, he said a brick hit the front bumper of his minivan just below the headlight while he was driving west in between the 28th and 22nd Street exits. 

"It‘s kind of just indicative of a lack of respect that people seem to have for others," Corkins said. "I found myself slightly annoyed because my kids were in there and that’s my personal property."

Corkins is not the only one going through this, police are currently investigating another claim involving a rock being thrown at a vehicle from a bridge above the highway in the same general area. 

Police say there are no reports of any injuries in any of these cases brought to their attention, they’re urging people to think twice before doing something this dangerous.

"It can very well do significant damage as well as it can come through the windshield and actually strike someone in the face or head and kill them." Sgt. Keith Dudley, St. Joseph Police Department. 

As for the drivers involved, they’re likely stuck with a surprise repair bill. They want to make sure whoever is doing this, is quickly found out.

"People need to know," Corkins said. "I hope the police catch whoever did it." 

The police have at least one report on file of a rock hitting a windsheild in that area, they said drivers who may have been a victim or have seen anything suspicious in that area along 36 Hwy to call them. 

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