Safety Tips for Fourth of July Celebrations

Tips on how to stay safe on the Fourth of July

Posted: Jun 29, 2018 9:19 PM

It's that time of year again, time for fun and fireworks, and with the Fourth of July holiday right around the corner, people are sharing fireworks safety tips.
"Always use the punks, never let kids light them by [themselves], said Holly Etchison, who runs a fireworks stand just outside of town. She says sparklers are some of her hottest sellers.
"We've sold a lot of sparklers, I think its safe as long as they're not around anybody or anything, they're okay." said Etchison.

But not everybody thinks they're a good idea,

"Sparklers are horrible, they're probably the worst fireworks there are." said Dr. Cynthia Brownfield of Mosaic Life Care. She says parents should think twice before exposing kids to this Fourth of July tradition. "They go to 1,200 degrees fahrenheit, you're giving a child something that's six times hotter than boiling water." said Dr. Brownfield.

Steve Henrichson of the St. Joseph Fire Department agrees, "Keep small children away from fireworks, even things like sparklers, they burn hot enough that touching them even when they're out can still leave major burns." said Henrichson.

While there's plenty of advice out there to keep kids safe, the dangers of sparklers and all other fireworks are just as important for adults.
"One of the highest risks of fireworks is adult men, they tend to probably take a little bit more risk than they should." said Dr. Brownfield.

Also, its just as important to make sure you're having good clean fun.
"If you're going to shoot fireworks off, you have to have a sober adult nearby, especially with kids." said Dr. Brownfield. "Don't drink while you do it, don't smoke while you do it." said Etchison.

It's all good advice to make sure you and your family stay safe on the Fourth of July. "The biggest thing about safety is common sense." said Henrichson.

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