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St. Joseph police officer on leave after reportedly getting into an off-duty confrontation

St. Joseph police are investigating an incident involving an off-duty officer captured on video.

Posted: Jun 22, 2020 3:34 PM
Updated: Jun 22, 2020 8:53 PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) St. Joseph police are investigating an incident involving an off-duty officer captured on video.

The officer has been identified as Officer Brandon Harrison and has been with the St. Joseph Police Department since January 2019.

Cell phone video showed a man, identified as off-duty police officer Harrison, yelling profanities at another man on a sidewalk and threatening to beat him up. The video was posted to TikTok, a social media platform over the weekend, and has now been viewed 1.6 million times.

In the video, Harrison, dressed in plain clothes, is seen approaching a man on a sidewalk. There’s some back-and-forth about a car accident, Harrison alleging the man hit his car and arguing with him about whether he told the truth to the female officer on the scene. Harrison, the off-duty officer, then tells the man to sit down but the man refuses because the off-duty officer is not in uniform.

“He’s not in uniform. Okay, I’ll listen to you,” the man in the video said to the on-duty female officer standing next to a white truck in the street.

“Sit down,” Harrison repeatedly said to the man inches from his face while stepping towards him.

“Please get out of my face,” the man said responding to Harrison.

“You just hit my [EXPLETIVE] truck. Sit down,” Harrison said. “Sit the [EXPLETIVE] down.”

“Please get out of my face,” the man said again.

“Sit down,” Harrison repeats.

“An officer is supposed to be respectful,” the man can be heard saying as the camera pans to the on-duty officer standing and watching from the street.

“I’m not working right now. I’m on vacation. I will [EXPLETIVE] you up. Sit down,” Harrison said.

The on-duty female officer then backs up Harrison’s demand and tells the man to sit down.

“Sit down. Do what he says. Sit down,” the on-duty officer said to the man.

The man then sits.

“You don’t [EXPLETIVE] lie to her about that [EXPLETIVE]. I just watched you hit me,” Harrison said. “Tell that to a [EXPLETIVE] judge.”

“I will,” the man said in response.

A woman can be heard interjecting off-camera to say, “I’m recording the whole thing.”

“See who they [EXPLETIVE] believe [EXPLETIVE],” Harrison said to the man before walking over to the white truck. The on-duty officer was standing behind the truck’s open door.

“Will you get out of my vehicle please,” the man said. The cell phone video still focused on Harrison.

“Sit down,” Harrison said to the man. “Sit down.”

“Give me your phone, I want to call the police. I want a Sheriff up here,” the man said.

“We are the police,” Harrison said in response while pointing to himself and the on-duty officer.

On Monday, SJPD confirmed it’s investigating the incident involving the off-duty officer. The video does not show any of the circumstances that led up to the video.

In a statement Monday, the St. Joseph Police Department said:

“Police Officers are the most conspicuous representatives of government and, to the majority of people; they are a symbol of stability and authority upon which they can rely. Unbecoming conduct on the part of police officers adversely affects the operations of the Department and ultimately destroys public confidence in it. All matters involving officer misconduct allegations are and will be investigated by the Department.”

According to the police department, the officer has been relieved of police duties and placed on administrative leave. Harrison’s disciplinary record was not made immediately available. The incident is still under investigation.

The female officer is not on administrative duty, according to SJPD, and her name has not been released by the department.


An off duty officer trying to fight a civilian that was not driving for hitting his car that was not hit

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