Edward Jones 4-15-19

Josh Royeton shares financial advice on Live at Five.

Posted: May 14, 2019 2:18 PM
Updated: May 14, 2019 2:18 PM

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c1 welcome back to "live at five". joined by josh and edward jones. this might be a stretch but you're going to compare earth day to finances. >> and make a connection. >> there's a couple key take aways. the main one, avoid toxic investments. avoid toxic investment environments. >> what is a toxic investment. one you made a couple years ago that hasn't worked out like you thought it would. maybe you lost money. might be time to revisit that and decide to go ahead and get rid of it. or it could be something that maybe has worked out for you for a number of years. if you moved into a different life stage, it may be time to sell that and reinvest into a new environment. >> you talk about an investment that lost money. that's losing money. >> that could be better spent somewhere elsewhere it can grow. >> what about cds? interest rates are slightly better. >> they can still be a good investment. they are part of a renewable source. wind, solar and things like that. you can have a renewable source of income. a cd, bonds, those could be really good renewable. >> i know you can cash out at a certain time or roll them over. >> right. you can draw income on those. they will pay you a set monthly annual basis. that's going to get you a renewable source of income and once it matures, you can reinvest it. you might want to put somewhere else. >> another form would be an annuity. there are lots of ideas if they are good or bad for folks. >> that is different for each individual person. if it's a good time to put into an annuity. >> let's plant seeds of opportunity there. >> absolutely. so, right there you want to talk about putting money in long-term, just like putting a seed in the ground. that way you're going to grow trees in the environment or your portfolio. >> i like putting the 401 k money in. it hurts now but if you don't do it, you're in big trouble later on.
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