Edward Jones: What is your risk tolerance?

Edward Jones: What is your risk tolerance?

Posted: May 15, 2019 10:20 AM
Updated: May 15, 2019 3:02 PM

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between the two to end the stalemate could take longer than anticipated. notice better time for edward jones to speak to us. >> a lot of folks nervous. >> yep. so for me, not surprising. a couple weeks ago, i said we were due for a hiccup in the market because there was a really strong start to the year. it was time to headline risks to come to the forefront. nothing better than trade and tariffs. you hear this is the worst may in forever. that maybes folks nervous about their 401 k. if you look to where you were the first of may, it's like how much money have i lost? >> you haven't lost anything as long as you haven't sold them down. it's only a temporary price movement. if you haven't gained anything if you haven't purchased. >> you talk about how risk changes over time. where someone 25 has a lot of time to recover. someone 61, 62 getting toward the end of their savings. that's a great ask. there's a difference between the accumulation years and the distribution years. the years where you rely on that money for income. when we're accumulating, at my stage, i can take higher risks and seek higher growth potential. when i get ready to turn on the bucket instrument, you can't afford to sell too low. >> a lot of folks got caught in 2008 when things went downhill. they don't have that time to recover. yep. so that's where one has an appropriate mix and then in some instances, leaning on someone for guidance to prepare you for that, get your aset risk recovered. >> there are folks who like gambling more than others. make they take a hit on 15. we all have different versions of what we think is risky. >> the key is to understand yourself. you know as an investor, the only way to prosper is to buy the market and hold on to. you take higher risks and pull out. you sold low and have taken the loss. >> make it's time to buy. who knows. >> i would say buyers beware. i do think that headline risk and trade will be in the mix for a little bit and i think we have a have a strong economy. >> well, we will keep watching the news from washington, from china and abroad. how can folks reach you. i'm near the wal-mart. anybody can reach out by phone. we want to
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