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Parents as Teachers share ideas to set your kids up for reading success

Parents as Teachers share ideas to set your kids up for reading success

Posted: May 15, 2019 10:32 AM
Updated: May 15, 2019 10:32 AM

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latter part of the week and into the weekend. alan. >> from parents of teachers, how are you? >> i'm good. >> boy you all have so many different programs to get the young minds working and brewing and thinking. we all know about reading to kids. how beneficials. you're here to remind us here today a little bit. >> >> i have done reading to kids >> doesn't matter if they have read the book or had read, five, six, 100 times. what is it about the memorization they like so much? >> it helps with their vocabulary and how you bring the book to life. they enjoy that. acting out the characters. making different voices. >> any book with pictures. got to have pictures. so what did you bring today? i brought a couple of my favorites. "i like myself". it talks about how this little girl picks out different characters. she talks about her hair and her feet and toes. >> her body parts and all that. a little self appreciation as well. >> kind of helps with that too. i also bought the colors are us. people start to recognize that people look a little different. this is a fun book that talks about how we're all different, unique and special. it's a nice way to introduce the topics. >> they love books with animals in it. there are a lot of programs out there that families say i don't have the books for the kids. >> your local libraries are a great resource to you to check out books. especially when they get to kindergarten. they get their own library card and learn to write their name. that's a fun thing too and they can learn to navigate the library that gives them that empowerment to learn to do that. >> talk about the importance of reading to kids early when it comes to kindergarten. they are all by themselves who have had a lot of reading. >> it can be scary, we encourage start reading while >> really? >> yeah. they can hear that. they're in there. they hear all that stuff going on. >> i heard of music. reading too. >> they hear it in a rhythm. similar to music. same thing there. to all the new moms and comes with a book so they can get started. even if you read the same book, they memorize it. it's call memory reading. they can read the book to you. >> i think parents to teachers is an unappreciated asset and you have all sorts of resources available to help young parents. how can they reach? >> we're at 1202 south 28 street or call 671-4800. find us on the st. joseph school website. if you have questions or concerns, reach out to us. >> whether reading or coordination. i know marjorie is here and likes the hands on stuff. that is certainly up your ally.
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