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Bracy's Cafe: Quiche

Bracy's Cafe: Quiche

Posted: May 15, 2019 2:01 PM
Updated: May 15, 2019 2:01 PM

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quiche for u c1 here we are in the kq2 can i haven. hopefully moms had a great day and you cook for mom. >> what did you make? filet mignon. and devilled egg what? >> that is really good. >> you're here today with another specialty from bracey's. i had folks ask what kind of pie you're making for us. saw the pie shell. you're making quiche. >> and it smells really good. >> what kind of quiche are you making? >> we're making lorraine because i need one for the shop. >> there you have it. >> the one i brought is vegetable quiche and has a broccoli red pepper and cheese. >> quiche itself can be almost anything, can't it? >> it can. you put your favorite ingredients and put egg in it and off you go. >> with the lorraine though, we have spinach we put on the bottom. then we take about four pieces of bacon, set it up. drizzle it over spinach. so we're able to get every bite. >> yeah. you can never go wrong with bacon. >> no you can't. then after that, you take about a cup of gruyere cheese. put it over the top and spread it out as evenly as you can. then it's going to melt down really nice. gruyere is sweet and salty. as it's young, it's more like -- >> looks like mozzarella. whether it's young it's not quite as assertive or earthy as it ages. it ages anywhere from five to 10 years. >> we have tamer stuff on there. once you have your ingredients in there, you mix three quarter cup of cream and three quarter cup of half and half. it will be a little rich. >> which make its extra good. >> you put three eggs. scramble those up and mix in with your half and half and cream. and pepper and nutmeg. you will mix all this around. not going to pour it in. >> it would be a mess. >> yeah, a little messy. >> you can imagine us doing that over the break. it all ends up going in the oven for how long? >> 350 for 30 minutes. you top it off with caramelized onions. it's delicious. >> we've got a finished product. a vegetable version but will be at least as good. we're going come b c1 i'm back in the kitchen. >> there you go. honestly, when you weren't looking. mike and i sampled the quiche. >> it's really, really good. and so, this is on the menu at bracey's. >> on the menu every day. >> you said this should or is served at room temperature. >> it is. but most people do not like it at room temperature because they're used to having it hot. >> they look it hot. >> yes they do. >> very good. very, very good. >> it's really warm. >> alan can't speak now. i can. so what is the special tomorrow for lunch? >> we're having chicken fried steak. peppered mashed potato and green beans. >> it's good for you. >> excellent. 505 francis. >> bracey's cafe. thanks for joining us on monday. always the best.
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