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MERIL Youth Services Program helps empower children with disabilities

MERIL Youth Services Program helps empower children with disabilities

Posted: May. 15, 2019 2:06 PM
Updated: May. 15, 2019 2:06 PM

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c1 welcome back so "live at five". with lisa gabriel from merrill with the youth services program. thank you for being with us. we have merrill on talking about all the different programs you offer. but really haven't touched much on children with disabilities. some of special things you do for that client. >> that would be our youth program that we have going on and so what we want to do is work with youth 14-21 that have a disability and that could be any disability and if they have and barriers they need help with, we will help them with a goal and so that's where we start things. we look at resources. we help with advocacy. and one of the things that we're actually doing right now is starting to look at a survey for unmet needs in the community. we're very interested in someone that would look at this survey and comment now. >> when you look at that age group, 14-21, that's a tough enough age group as it is growing up and going through so many different parts of becoming a young adult that even someone with disabilities might have even extra challenges. >> that's correct. a lot of that would be resources. they just need someone to help them and that's why merrill is this. >> i notice you offer free employment training for youth. tell us about that. >> preemployment, sometimes that could be anything from what their interests are to maybe how to job search or something different they're needing help with they haven't had before. it could be interview questions, you can sit down and practice interview skills. we could look at all those different things. >> that's a great extra resource and one other item. high school graduation transition. what a perfect time of year to be talking about that. that we've got these kids graduating from high school and then what? they're just thrown out world. >> right. exactly. and so that's why merrill is there to try to help them through the process. a lot of times, they are so focused on it's my senior year, i'm graduating. okay. you know they're going with the flow. >> there's been all that structure >> and then they're just let loose to the world. it's good merrill is there. for and families with children with disabilities how can they reach you. 816-279-8558 and you would be glad to
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