Former Maysville teacher will serve no more jail time for inappropriately touching students

Former Maysville teacher will serve no more jail time for inappropriately touching students

Posted: May 16, 2019 10:33 AM
Updated: May 16, 2019 10:33 AM

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maysville teacher accused of multiple sexual assault crimes with students is out of jail tonight... good evening, i'm alan van zandt.rodney thomas pleaded guilty to 13 misdemeanor charges...kq2's brooke anderson has more the outcome of the case. <<"they would tell them to be careful, to be cautious. not to be in a room alone with him."the warning dekalb county sheriff andy clark says young female students received by their peers about before starting high school...he says it was in regards to former maysville junior high teacher rodney thomas...who pleaded guilty to 13 counts of inappropriately touching females on may 6th, 2019... "whenever you deal with family members of our community that are hurting...yes, we were hoping for something a little bit more strenuous." thomas plead guilty to one count of attempted sexual contact with a student and 12 counts of assault in the third degree. after a plea deal with prosecutors, all of the 13 counts are misdemeanors..."i 100 percent believe all allegations of all those victims. this was just based on the evidence we had. it was going to be very difficult to get, i feel analyzing the case, to get a conviction. that's why we compromised a plea."the investigation into thomas' case began in march 2017 in dekalb county...he's since spent the past 2 years and 3 months behind bars wednesday, thomas went before judge brent elliott for sentencing...where he was sentenced to over a year in jail for all 13 counts. he was credited the jail time, and will no longer be behind bars. "with the amount of victims that we had and the number of hours of thorough investigation that my office did, it's a little disheartening to at least not get a felony conviction out of thhis."during the sentencing, statements were heard from one victim and the mother of another victim. both spoke of different encounters with thomas, and the consenques they say his actions caused. judge elliott said cases like this are the most troubling to him, and called it a cowardly act.prosecutors say he got the maximum sentence. "it scared me then and it scares me now of what a man is capable of doing."brooke anderson, kq2 news.>> court documents show there were 13 victims between the ages of
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