Local veteran in need after water line failure

After government regulations prevented 82-year-old Vietnam veteran Wayne Headrick from receiving a major home repair, he says he's now relying on hope.

Posted: Jul 7, 2019 10:46 PM
Updated: Jul 7, 2019 10:46 PM

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day. it's a nighmare senario for any homeowner... a local veteran is searching for answers from the city after a water service line failure... now he's taking matters into his own hands. kq2's ron johnson shares his story. wayne headrick has been in deep water for the past week. i've been trying to get some help ever sincethe issue, the water line to headrick's home has sprung a leaksomewhere in that galvanized line, there's a hole.headrick explains what led him to the discovery, he says it all started when he noticed his water bills were higher than everyone else's a neighbor was in and i got my bill and it was 55 something and she says oh my bill's only 19 dollars.he says he then called the water company to see if they could help get to the bottom of it. they checked the meter and i shut off the valve inside, and it's still running.but headrick said the water company couldn't find the leak, that's when the 82-year-old vietnam veteran with help from his son began digging up his front yard. this water here in this hole is all coming from wayne's leaking pipe, now he estimates he's losing about a quart of water every minute. when headrick reached out for help, he was referred to the city's community development program but when an inspector came to check the property they said his property doesn't qualify for assistance.he couldn't work on the house because it was in a floodplainthe city tells us the program is subject to government regulationshe was located in a floodplain and therefore our agreement with hud is we will not do projects that are in a floodplaini said you gotta be kidding menow headrick is left with facing the problem on his own, he plans to do find and fix the leak but beyond that all he can do is hope i'm just going to patch that one hole and just hope that it holds ron johnson kq2 news headrick says it would cost at least 25-hundred dollars to repair
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