Cameron police sales tax

Cameroon police sales tax

Posted: Sep 9, 2019 7:54 PM
Updated: Sep 9, 2019 7:54 PM

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voters in cameron will have their say on a proposed sales tax that would bring in more revenue for their local police department... thanks for joining us, i'm brooke anderson. cameron police say they're loosing officers to other agencies because of pay rates... i spoke with the police chief about how they're tackling the issue... << nat: sirens where's your emergency?"police departments receive calls like this every day...nat: "stay on the line with me."but while the emergencies continue to pour in...the number of cadets applying for officer potisions is not keeping up with the demand..."five years ago there were plenty of police officers, plenty of people going in to law enforcement. there's been kind of a perfect storm of reasons why it's not going that way now." officers say it's a nationwide issue...affecting agencies both big and small - including those here in northwest missouri..."we always had a large group of people show up for any openings that we had, and we started seeing a decline in that. in fact, in one of our hiring processes no one showed up."about a year and a half ago...cameron police looked at ways to attract and retain officers and dispatchers.finding the biggest factor to be fact, the department says other agencies the same size are able to pay about 8- thousand dollars more..."they come here, we get them - we spend a couple years training them. i think the other agencies realize that we have a decent training program, and then they get an officer that's up and ready to go right away." that's why cameron city council has put a 1/4 cent sales tax on the november ballot.if passed, money from the tax would go towards the department for increasing officer and dispatch pay...reinstating the detective division...and repairing the public safety building..."one of the things is a roof. we're having some problems with it but it's a large ticket item that we have to take care of."and while crime in the city isn't increasing..."we're seeing more of those bigger officer-involved shootings, not just in our communities, but in surrounding communities."cameron responded to two officer-involved shootings within a month of each other earlier this year... making the need for retaining officers all the more prominant. "....a lot easier." >> again - the 1/4 cent sales tax will be on the november ballot for cameron residents... the police department plans on attending some public meetings to speak with the public and get their feedback...
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