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15 kittens abandoned and rescued in Savannah

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15 kittens rescued

Silverglat explains what happened to these kittens that night.

(SAVANNAH, Mo.) "They're doomed. It's a death sentence when you abandon animals, very inhumane and very cruel. And we find them dead constantly," Gary Silverglat, the co-founder of Angel's Vet Express and M'Shoogy's Emergency Animal Rescue said.

Nearly 15 kittens are in the helping hands of Angel's and M'Shoogy's after a woman in Andrew County abandoned them on Thursday night.

"They're all in good health, we've given them their first set of shots, checked them all out. And they're going to be fine and we will get them all spayed and neutered," Silverglat said.

Silverglat explains what happened to these kittens that night.

"We came to the clinic for an emergency, saw a lady throwing cats and kittens out of her car as fast as she possibly could. And she saw us panicked, backed up and hit the client's car. Then we all told her wait, the sheriff has been called. She proceeded to try to run over three different people, including myself. Then she drove at a high speed around us to get away from us," Silverglat said.

He says the woman only lived a few miles up the road and law enforcement went to her home.

"Followed her up the road got plates, everything, the sheriff got her. We sent statements in and hopefully she will be charged," Silverglat said.

Silverglat says abandoning animals and leaving them for dead unfortunately happens all too often. That's why he also worked to get a law put in place.

"It is against the law to abandon an animal in the state of Missouri. It took me six years of intense fight to get it on the state of Missouri books. And I expect the prosecuting attorneys and sheriffs across the state to enforce the law," Silverglat said.

He wants people who own pets or have litters to understand the more humane choice is to spay or neuter your pets or take them to a rescue or shelter instead of dumping them on the side of the road.

"It happens all the time. We get calls every day about this. This is a really major problem and you need to get your animals spayed because you don't have the problem. The animals end up the victims is what happens always," Silverglat said.

Silverglat says they aren't sure if there were more kittens dumped or not, but they have at least 15 in their care.

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