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Tortoise Run Farm

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(SAVANNAH, Mo.) A local farm is home to a sanctuary for tortoises and box turtles.

Tortoise Run farm, located near Savannah, Missouri, is a nonprofit that takes in abandoned or surrendered tortoises and turtles like sushi, caring for them and giving them a home. It all started with one tortoise...which...led to more.

“It all started with one tortoise who came in from a friend of mine and after that it just kind of snowballed with more and more tortoises coming in once word got out we had them,” said Shelly Cox, owner of Tortoise Run Farm. 

The Tortoise Run Farm is currently home to fifteen tortoises and turtles. These animals are not native to Missouri, and require a lot of specific individual care, each tortoise having its own set of specific needs.

“They come from all different regions across the world so it requires a lot of research to figure out what their natural diets would be, what their natural heating and lighting requirements would be,” said Cox. 

These reptiles are available for adoption, however it is a selective process. People looking to adopt must understand the long-term commitment these animals take.

Providing all of the supplies needed also requires some financial support. The nonprofit is currently holding a gofundme fundraiser in order to continue caring for these creatures.

You can donate to the gofundme here, or visit the Tortoise Run Farm Facebook and website.

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