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Missouri road deaths exceed 1000 for second year in a row

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Roadway Fatalities

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) 2022 is coming to a close with driving safety at top of mind as Missouri has already exceeded 1000 roadway fatalities for the second year in a row.

As of right now there have been 1,014 deaths on our roadways for 2022 with still three days left until the new year likely to exceed numbers for 2021.

Last year the death toll reached 1,016, breaking the 1000 threshold for the first time since 2006.

Missouri department of transportation saying they want to see positive change in the new year, hoping to see an improvement  in the culture around driving and transportation safety.

"Taking on that personal responsibility, that ownership and making wise choices to kind of create that. So you know, there's lots of other things that come with that certainly roadway improvements, we're going to continue looking at opportunities to make the roadway safer, whether that's looking at intersections or curves or whatever it might be," said Jon Nelson with MoDOT.

   MoDOT is also reminding people to make good decisions with New Years celebrations coming up this weekend, urging people to be smart and never drive impaired.