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Frank Clark cuts red meat and alcohol from diet, takes on new leadership role

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Kansas City Chiefs DE Frank Clark

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Frank Clark (DE) addressed the media on Saturday relaying to reporters a new change in lifestyle to propel the 2022 season after a disappointing 2021 season. 

Clark announced he cutout red meat and alcohol from his diet.

"I stopped drinking liquor about right after the season, honestly, it was like, February," said Frank Clark. "I got sick, you know, I'd be having stomach problems and stuff, gastrointestinal problems. I haven't had any since I stopped drinking liquor. As I'm going on training I feel my body is responding to me, I'm able to get up, I'm able to work out all times a day all times a night. It was a commitment I made."

This decision came after Clark completed a season of 13 tackles and 4.5 sacks, an underperformance he and Head Coach Andy Reid agreed upon.

"It was flat out--he's like, 'I know what type of player you are,' Reid told Clark during a conversation after the 2021 season. "I understand that man (Coach Reid) we very real. "We're from East Los Angeles, I'm from South Central--it's the same thing. We will keep it real with each other, we West Coast, L.A. boys boys. So at the end of the day, I understand, I relate, we relate fine perfectly fine with each other. We both had to work hard to get (here), (it) wasn't easy in life. So at the end of the day, you're not coming in last year, I'm going through what I'm going through, but at the end of the day, I still have a job to do and I didn't come, I didn't do my job like I should have in my opinion to my capability. In some people's opinion that's average. I watched the average players get five sacks or whatever in a year. But in my standard that's not good enough. Obviously to my coaches, and I appreciate him for that, for holding me to that standard."

Clark says he has cut weight and feels great physically and mentally. He enjoys taking on a leadership role, especially working with rookie DE George Karlaftis.

"I can be help these young guys, and I got George who's got to be ready to play. Part of the things I'm doing in practice is helping him understand the system faster. You know, as a rookie, I know how tough it can be coming in, when you got all these different things going on," Clark explained. "He listens, and I honestly like him. He's a favorite for me early as one of my favorite rookies ever because he just he listens. He wants to know, he wants to be good, he wants to figure it out. He understands it's a different game. He understands that different twitch in the NFL."

Clark last season finished on a sour note. Clark said he is ready to become a leader and refocus his life to help win the Chiefs another Super Bowl. 

"I need to refocus, get back focused on my craft. Getting back focused on my body, taking care of myself, getting my mental health back together, getting back in the right place, so I can go out here and compete and have fun."